Wednesday, February 02, 2022

Thursday Thirteen-Mundane Yet Necessary Tasks


Today I was engaged in an activity I don't particularly enjoy (you'll read about it in a minute) and it got me thinking about some of the necessary tasks I have to do that I just don't enjoy.  It's not that I hate doing all of them, but some of them I'd just rather not do, but I have to.

1.  Grocery store - I despise going to the grocery store.  I don't know why.  It is one of my least favorite tasks in the world.  When the first wave of COVID hit and we were using curbside, I was in Heaven.  I would so much rather put in my order online and pick it up, even if it costs to do so.  This is how much I loathe going to the grocery store.

2.  Mammogram - No one enjoys getting their boobs smashed then having radiation coursing through my body.  But... my mom had breast cancer (she beat it), so I go according to schedule.

3.  Blood work - This has not always bothered me, but not it makes me squeamish.  I've had to leave the room while my mother was having blood drawn, and twice I've fainted when a needle was put in my arm.  Major anxiety!

4. Making sandwiches - Why?  Because you have to get the ingredients out, and lunchmeat tends to be sort of slimy or wet, and I don't like the feel of it.

5. Colonoscopy - Again, not fun, but necessary, so I follow my doctor's schedule for getting this done.

6. Changing the cat litter - I don't mind scooping it, which I do daily, but you can only scoop it for so long before you have to change the whole pan.  With my cat, that can be an ordeal.  On the other hand, no one wants a stinky house.

7.  Clipping toenails - This is what I was doing last night when I started thinking about all these things.  I choose not to go to the salon every time my nails need to be clipped.  I don't want to pay for having that done all the time (like my sister and BF), but it has to be done.

8.  Pumping gas - I also had to do this yesterday.  I don't hate it, but I don't like it.  I hate the way my hand feels after holding the pump.

9.  Paying bills - My husband takes care of most of our bills.  I take care of insurance, Netflix, miscellaneous doctor bills. But now I am also having to do my mom's bills - paying the lawn guy because we still own her home, the electricity, doctor and pharmacy bills, and so on.  No fun.

10. Parallel parking - The first time I took my driver's test when I was 15, I failed the parallel parking.  When I went back, I just knew I was going to fail again, but the trooper didn't make me do it.  Since then I have learned to parallel park better, but I would rather not if I can help it.

11. Talking on the phone - I don't mind if relatives call, but I'd rather not talk to anyone else.  And if given the choice, I prefer a text message to a phone call.  I like to write, so texting is easier than talking.

12. Buying a car at a dealership - The dealership is a major ordeal.  First you look around, then you test drive.  When you know what you want, half the time they don't have that exact model with the features you want.  When it comes to price, they always say they need to ask the manager, then they disappear for a while only to come back with a counter offer, then this process repeats multiple times, and if you do purchase a car, you'll sit in the finance office doing paperwork for a while.

13. Unloading the dishwasher - Again, I don't hate it.  It's actually a quick job.  But I would still rather wash the dishes than unload them!

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  1. I can see why services like Carvana exist--buying a car is torture!

  2. I dislike most housework. We are still doing pickup at the grocery store and I probably will continue it, maybe forever. It's easier and safer. We run into the store for produce and meat. The less time spent in that germ factory, the better. I don't like to parallel park, either.

  3. It's the nagging small jobs that fret the holes in the fabric of life.


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