Friday, May 28, 2021

Friendship Friday

 Hi friends.  Pull up a chair and visit a while.  Friendship Friday is hosted by Create with Joy.

I spent the last six days at my daughter's place out of town.  While I was there, we cooked up a few fabulous recipes.  One of them was brand-new to me.  Apparently it went viral on Tik-Tok (which I don't use).  So we made our own version of it.  It's called Feta Pasta. (click the link for the recipe.) Instead of just the tomatoes called for in the recipe, we also used mushrooms, red pepper, and onion.
Prior to cooking, after cooking, after adding pasta.

  It was delicious!  It's very rich, so don't fill up on too much of it at one sitting.

We also made a Crustless Quiche. (She doesn't use a recipe, but I'm linking one here in case you're interested.) 

It's eggs, a little tiny bit of milk, cheese (and more cheese), mushrooms, spinach, onion, red pepper, and tomato.  She likes to do Meatless Monday, and it was so good!

On the way back home while my daughter was driving, I spent a few minutes filling out one of my journals with her.  It's called Listography and was a gift from her, who is a list-maker like me.

  It asks you to make lists on a variety of different topics such as your childhood toys, pets, employers, places you've lived, favorite restaurants, and so much more.

Yesterday we watched her husband, my new son-in-law, graduate from Air Force Basic Military Training.

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  We could only attend virtually due to Covid, but we are hoping they will be back to allowing guests by the time he graduates from his next training.

Today is my anniversary, and I'm looking forward to a delicious seafood dinner to start out our weekend.  I hope you have a Happy Memorial Day.  Remember to honor those who gave their lives for our country.  Have fun and be safe!

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