Wednesday, April 07, 2021

Wednesday Photos

 In July of 2019, my husband and I visited San Antonio and stayed at the Menger Hotel.  The Menger is the longest continually operating hotel west of the Mississippi. It's basically next door to the Alamo.  Teddy Roosevelt and the Rough Riders gathered in the Menger bar back in 1898.  Some say it's the most haunted hotel in Texas, but, who knows?  2021 marks its 162nd anniversary.  It's quite a place!

The ceiling in the Victorian lobby.

More of the lobby

The outside of the hotel.
I took the above photos, but I couldn't find my photo of the bar which is  a really interesting place, so I can't take credit for these last  two photos.
Image Credit
Above is a picture facing the bar.  You might be able to see the balcony reflected in the mirror above the bar.  Below is a picture from the other direction, behind the bar looking out to the seating and balcony.  When I visit the bar, I really don't have a hard time thinking the bar is haunted!
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I'm linking up with image-in-ing and Wordless Wednesday (even though I actually used a lot of words!)  Come visit for more photos!


  1. Oh man! I was at the Alamo for a visit while at a conference in 2019, I wish I knew to visit next door! I loved San Antonio, I hope to go back soon and add this spot to my list of must see sites!

  2. A beautiful, classic place!
    Thank you for sharing at


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