Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Thursday Thirteen

 I learned a thing or two about weddings in the last few months, particularly now that it is over.

1. No matter how much time you spend planning or how many lists you make, you will forget something.  I forgot a lighter for the unity candle and an ice chest for the leftover alcohol, but luckily, my husband hadn't left and was able to bring them.

2.  Speaking of alcohol... some people are happy with none.  Some people are happy with whatever you provide, and some people will never think you provided the right things.  Please yourself!

3.  You don't want anyone getting drunk and driving home.  Have a plan.

4.  Something else about alcohol... unopened packages or bottles are returnable in most states like mine as long as the alcohol was not already chilled.

5.  Your food may not turn out exactly as it did at your tasting, which is what happened to us.  It was okay, though.

6.  Make sure the photographer has a list of all the "special" photos you want including the rings, the gifts, the cake, any special decorations, any particular poses you want.

7.   Many young people don't like the "older" traditions such as the bouquet toss, or at least they say they don't, but we did it anyway.  We did not, however, have the groom take of the bride's garter.  That's just trashy!  Or it can be.  He threw an extra garter I had waiting in my purse.

8.  About ten to twenty percent of your guests won't RSVP.  Call them.  You need an accurate number.

9.  Assign tables even if your guests decide to move and sit with someone else.  Due to Covid, we did tables according to households except when there were only 2 or 3 per household, but they were able to sit 6 feet across from another couple that had a small household, so it worked out.

10. Most guests love wedding cake, so make sure you taste it and get a good one!

11.  Guests also love other desserts such as donuts, cookies, cake pops, and candy.  We did a candy table with bags they could fill to take home in lieu of favors they would just throw away.  But I overordered the candy, so I should have done more research on that.

12. If you are providing a lot of your own decorations and supplies, cleaning up is a hassle.  Either have a plan that includes specific people who will help or pay someone to do it.

13.  The most important thing I learned?  Dance like no one is watching!!  

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  1. Dancing is my favorite part. I don't care for the garter part or shoving cake in your partners face, but I love throwing the bouquet (not that I did but I may have caught one). I wonder how weddings are going on with Covid restrictions.

  2. I got married once.; make that twice. Second wedding nothing like the first (which was similar to what you describe here) but it's lasted almost twice as long. I guess I'm done with all that now.

  3. If I were to marry again, I'd just have a civil ceremony and be done with it. I am glad things went well and you have that under your belt. Congratulations to the mom!


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