Tuesday, August 04, 2020

Random Tuesday

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My daughter and I are going to pick up her wedding dress today. Yay!  Then we are going to take it for her alterations and finalize her registry.  Fun, yet busy, day ahead!

In addition to true crime shows, I've been watching a lot of cooking game shows lately.  I love Guy's Grocery Games and Supermarket Stakeout.  I'm picking up on some good tips, too.  But it does make me wonder... when did the word "plate" become a verb?  When I was growing up, the word plate was always a noun.  We put our food ON A PLATE, but we didn't plate it.  When did that change occur?  And who would use a slice of a tree as a plate?

And speaking of plating food, I'm trying to help my son with his new Keto diet.  Have any of you tried it? He's only on his third day.  I sure hope it works for him! It has worked for other people I know, but not me.  I just felt too deprived.  I only lasted four days, not even long enough to really be in ketosis!

And speaking of food, do you have any vegetarians or vegans in your family?  We do.  Luckily we don't often have to cook for them because it's hard!  Our new baby granddaughter is being raised by vegans, but I believe they make sure she gets enough protein, and of course, she has milk/formula.

I'm so sick of not being able to get in the car and go wherever I want without worrying about Covid.  I am a homebody, for the most part, but I really wish I could hop in the car whenever I want and drive to Dallas or Austin.  I'm ready for it to be over, but I think it's going to be around a while longer.

That's all I've got for today except some funnies!

Have a great week!

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