Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Thursday Thirteen

Our spring break is next week, and I have no vacation planned.  There will still be things to do around the house, though.

1.  Sew the seams in some pillowcases.

2.  Organize my scrapbook paper.

3.  Put my new pegboard on the wall in my craft room.

4.  Take my sister to lunch for her (belated) birthday.

5.  Visit my mom.

6.  Maybe go out in the camper for a night or two if there are any places open.

7.  Put my new Cricut together and use it.

8.  Take my donation boxes to the shelter.

9.  Make a curly, mesh, 4th of July wreath.
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10. See a couple of my doctors for checkups.

11. Choose some tile for the bathroom.

12. READ!



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