Monday, March 04, 2019

Random Tuesday

Hey everyone!

OMGosh!  I just heard Luke Perry passed away!  How is that even possible?  He was too young, younger by one year than I am!  It honestly scares me terribly, too.  My father passed away from a stroke-like incident, and I've always felt it was hereditary.  It's just so hard to believe.

Does anyone else out there use the Next Door app or website?  It's kind of like Facebook, minus the memes, for your neighborhood.  I used to look at it frequently, but I stopped looking at it unless there is a post in the crime and safety category.  It's a great place to sell something (like Facebook marketplace, but smaller), but some of the posts really annoy me.  People can be sooo snarky!

For example... today there was a post about hearing some gunshots near our neighborhood.  Someone recorded the audio with both their front and rear security cameras.  Well, before he posted the audio, someone else posted something like, "Gosh, can't y'all tell when a car backfires?"  Then he posted the audio, and it was definitely not a car backfiring. People were so rude to the first snarky comment.  And these people are supposed to be your neighbors! 

It's sad that we can hide behind our anonymity - not to do good in the world - but to cut each other down.  And we wonder why our students cyber-bully each other! *heavy sigh*

Maybe I need to lighten the mood now.

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  1. I've somewhat heard of the Next Door app. Not sure it's something I'm interested in downloading.
    It's crazy that Luke Perry died! I mean, it was gonna happen, of course...but to think he had a stroke that young and that's what did him in.

  2. I was so sad about Luke Perry passing - I heard when he had the massive stroke, and just had a feeling it was going to turn into bad news. At least he had his family with him when he left this earth. So sad, and so young!! He was my very first crush.

    I've heard of Next Door, but haven't checked it out... I agree, those keyboard warriors really can be bullies. Amazing how 'brave' people feel in their anonymity behind their screens and keyboards.

    LOVE the funnies!!!


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