Monday, October 16, 2017

Random Tuesday

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I had a pretty good weekend.  I was at a scrapbook retreat with my sister and about 20 other women, some of whom we knew, and some of who we now know.  And since it was a rather peaceful weekend, spending time doing something I love, Monday was a shock!

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Some of my students were completely nuts today!  A few were actually rude!  And my intern didn't get the papers graded - grades are due today at 4!  Eeeek!  Guess what I did for a long time last night?

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When I was at the post office getting stamps, I paid for them (using the automated machine because the windows were closed), and the machine said it was printing my postage.  I heard it printing, but my stamps never came out.  I bet there's little hope that they will actually believe me.

I needed to go to the bank to complete a transaction I can't do online.  I got to the bank exactly 1 minute before they closed.  They already had the glass door closed and the lights in the customer area turned off.  This teller just looked at me and said, "We're closed."  I'm thinking about changing banks.

PLUS, my car has been at the dealership for one day short of a week.  I finally was able to pick it up today.  They repaired my hood latch (recall) and they replaced my AC compressor, all warranty work, but they didn't fix the problem I took it in there for.  It's so frustrating!

I am SO GLAD Monday is over!

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  1. I got some bad news on Monday, too. I didn't talk about it today, except in very general terms regarding bad decisions of others. Years ago, I used to print postage. It was handing for customizing postage amounts on packages and I could even print postage for envelopes. The only problem I had was on occasion my printer misprinted and it was trouble getting the credit back on these. Did you know you can order postage stamps online? That's the way I go. I buy a roll of stamps once a year because I don't mail much stuff anymore and if I need to mail a package then I print off a priority postage paid label going through the USPS website, then I can request that they pick it up at my front door which is super nice. Hopefully today will be better and you get your banking transaction completed and your car from the dealership soon. Happy RTT!

  2. Gracious mercy, it sounds like Monday just rained all over your parade! If you are not at a credit union yet, try one, they generally have much better service as they are owned by the people whose money is deposited there.

    Several months ago, i set up an account with the post office and i order stamps online. It takes a few days to get them delivered, but if i order early enough to always have some on hand, it saves the headache of a trip over there. We don't even have the machines any more here, either, because homeless people kept breaking into them thinking they had money in there.

    You have my sympathy for the dealership woes and work difficulties, i am hoping you have a much better rest of the week to make up for it.


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