Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Is it Really Random?

I'm linking up (a little late) with Stacy.

What with the World Series going on and all, I almost completely forgot it was Random Day!  We've been keeping up with baseball this season.  From about 2008-2012, my husband and I didn't watch much baseball.  This was brought about by the news headlines regarding performance-enhancing drugs, in particular, by Roger Clemens.  It was proven with DNA and from other people's testimonies that he had been injected with steroids and human growth hormone, but a jury acquitted him.  It was appalling!

But I digress.  We didn't give it up completely, but rarely watched or went to games for a while.  We have gotten back into the habit of watching again this season, and not only during the playoffs, lest we be called bandwagoners! Now our team is in the World Series for only the second time in the 55 years we've existed.  You can imagine how excited Houston fans are!  Not to mention that we have the best offensive player in the American League... Jose Altuve, this year's winner of the Hank Aaron Award.
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Enough about baseball, at least for now.  It's also Halloween today.  My students were fairly well-behaved today, considering.  Tomorrow, after the candy high, it may be another story.  I wonder what their favorite candy is?  And how many are actually dressing up?  The cutest costumes I saw today were posted by The Ellen Show:  little old ladies.  Aren't they adorable?
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And, how about a vampire CAT to round out this random post?  These are real teeth!  Here's an article about this unique cat.
Have a great week!

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