Monday, December 07, 2015

Random Tuesday and Coffee Chat

Here we are again for random Tuesday.  It's the only post I was able to do last week because it is SUPER-BUSY around here!  Link up with Stacy and play along.

So, I finally finished decorating my tree last night.  I like to put it up at thanksgiving, but I was sick this year, and I had NO energy.  So, we got the tree up and lights on Sunday, and the garland and decorations on Monday.  I love Christmas trees!  They make me all happy and bubbly and warm inside.

Since I had surgery last summer, I had a lot of time to watch TV.  I think I've mentioned before that I started watching Criminal Minds.  Well... can I say, "Obsessed much?"  I'm already almost to the end of season 8 (yes, from beginning at season 1, episode 1, cuz that's how I roll.).  However, it is getting a little freaky lately.  On one recent episodes, the villain was using humans to make live marionette puppets that he could actually manipulate.  Can you say, "Creepy?" In another one, a woman was using humans to fertilize her herbs and vegetables.  Gross!  But, I just love the actors and characters!  I can't stop watching!

So... I got another massage this weekend, and I got to thinking about the last time I got a massage and all the crazy things I was thinking about, like, "What if the face thingy falls off?"  I had to go back and check and made sure I wrote all that stuff down that I was thinking because it was pretty funny stuff.

My youngest will come home from her third semester at college this weekend.  She is so far away that I don't get to see her very often during the school year.  Next semester, I won't see her at all because she is going to study abroad!  She is going to Oxford, England.  We wanted to go visit her while she's there, except our spring break is also when they take field trips to other countries such as France and Italy.  I want to go so badly, but there's no point in going if I won't see her.  I'm going to miss her so much!

And now, it's time for Coffee Chat.  Link up at Ink Interrupted.

This week she asks...
                                       How do you spread Christmas cheer?
Oh!  This reminds me of my favorite Christmas movie, Elf!
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Gosh, I love that movie! And unlike Buddy, I think there are other ways to spread Christmas cheer.  At work, we are doing Random Acts of Kindness, a different one each day.  I admit, I haven't done all of them, but I am doing some of them.  I spread Christmas cheer to my family by decorating the house with the tree, snowmen, Santas, garland, snow globes, and more.

There is something new I plan to do this year.  Since I'm head of the department at work now, I want to make cookies for everyone in the department.  From scratch.  I just need to find some festive cellophane bags to put them in.  That's my upcoming weekend project.  Who doesn't like cookies?  Especially when you don't expect them!  I'm also donating new books to a drive we are having at school.  I really wish there was more that I could do.  I love Christmas!

Have a great week!


  1. I've actually never had a professional massage. I'd love to try it at least once. Elf is one of my favorite Christmas movies. I think making cookies and donating books is a good idea. Pretty Christmas tree!

  2. Oh boy, could I use a massage too! I am crooked on one side I think - no idea what I did, but I can suddenly feel that I am not as flexible on my right side as I used to be, and it hurts in the morning. Most likely done when I was painting my ceiling.
    Cookies are a fantastic act of kindness!! It's not just the yummy goodness, but that it shows you took the time for that person. which really is the best gift.
    Your tree is beautiful - mine will be done this weekend.

  3. Your tree looks great! How exciting for your daughter. What a wonderful thing for her. I hope you are feeling better.


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