Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Random Tuesday

This was a difficult weekend for me.  My dad passed away October 10, 11 years ago.  I got to spend some time with my sister on Saturday and my husband on Sunday, so that helped.  There isn't a day that goes by that I don't grieve for my dad, and for all that my children missed out on by losing him at a young age .(He was 69.  They were 8.)

Life goes on, through the sadness.  And sometimes, one of the best things you can do is laugh.  So, I watched The Big Bang Theory - again, with no other work in my lap and in real time.  Amazing!

And my new favorite show is Criminal Minds.  I never watched it when it first came out, and I'm a little OCD, so I went back to season 1 and started from the beginning.  Now I'm on season 3.
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I really wish I had time to craft, or at least organize my craft room.  But no such luck.  Our entire curriculum changed this year.  In addition, we have two new software programs that we are using.  Also, all of our students have a tablet issued to them, so we're trying to figure out the best ways to incorporate those in our lessons.  These first eight weeks of school have been a whirlwind!
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The Astros suffered a disappointing loss against the Royals.  An Astros win would have ended this series, but now they're on their way to Missouri for the last game.  It's hard to win on your opponent's turf.  Wishing them luck tomorrow!  But I'm really looking forward to basketball season!

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  1. The grief never truly goes away - especially around the anniversary date. My hubby's dad passed on October 20, 2010 (he was 88, but Princess Nagger was a few weeks shy of turning 8), and every time the anniversary rolls around, the hubby gets quite blue. I'm glad you were able to spend time with your sister and your hubby!

    Ironically I've been binge watching season 10 of Criminal Minds since I kept forgetting to go to cbs.com last year to watch before the episodes went away. :) I love that show - my mom watches it, too. :)

    And Big Bang Theory - sadly since cutting the cable I haven't gotten to watch that in forever. I keep waiting for it to show up on Netflix or Hulu at some point. ;)


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