Monday, October 05, 2015

Random Tuesday

It's Random Tuesday with Stacy Uncorked!  Join us!

Sooo... I have wanted to abandon the last three books that I've started reading.  One was about a woman my age who is developing early Alzheimer's Disease.  Can you say, "Depressing?"  I've put it down and picked it back up three times, and I'm still only on about page 100.

Another was a young adult novel about a girl who moves into a house where someone one was killed, but she is the only one in the family the "ghost" will communicate with, and it has something to do with a serial killer who is currently killing his victims and staging them like famous horror movies.  It was just moving too slow.
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Then, I started reading The Guilty One.  I wanted to give up on that one, too, but I thought, maybe there's just something wrong with me that I haven't liked any of the books I've been reading, so I made myself finish it.  It was a long, painful process.  Review to follow soon.

And Sunday night, I started reading a new book, and it was great, but it was sounding familiar.  I got all the way to chapter 4 before I realized I had already read it!  They were short chapters, thankfully.

But I'm happy to say that my One Year Bible reading is on track.
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Last night, I actually sat down to watch a show all the way through.  Okay, it was just a half an hour, but I watched in real time, and I wasn't grading papers, playing on the computer, I was actually watching the show!  That's pretty good for me.  I'm rarely ever doing only one thing at a time.  I guess I needed a break.

I can't wait for our summer weather to be over.  We don't get too many beautiful splashes of color here in Texas, but I'd like it if I could have morning temps in the low 70's and highs no higher than 85.  Cooler weather makes me feel all autumn-y and fall-ish.  I love the fall season.  AND... basketb all season starts in three weeks!  Woot!

If you pray, please start praying for me... My doctor thinks I may have to have another surgery, and I don't think I can take another 5 or 6 weeks in a sling so soon after my previous surgery.  Please pray for a non-surgical solution.

Last, please visit this blog and leave an encouraging comment.  It won't take you two minutes to make someone happy by doing so.

And now it's time for Coffee Chat with Time Out for Mom!

She asks us to...
 Tell us about something you have never done, 
but would like to do now.  
What was holding you back?

I've wanted to visit England.  My in-laws are from the UK, although they live here now.  I never really thought I would get the chance, at least not for a long time, due to the time and expense.  But, my baby girl is going to study abroad in Oxford for a semester beginning in January, so I am planning a visit!  I didn't know that Oxford University was the oldest English-speaking university in the world.  And it's beautiful!
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And London is only an hours' train ride from Oxford.
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Planning to visit in March!  Share your experience with me if  you've ever been to England!  I'd love to hear do's and don'ts!


  1. I'm current in the midst of a book that I have been forcing myself to read. I don't know why I continue, except for the fact it is a "whodoneit" so I just HAVE to know, Who Done It!!!?? ugh.
    I would love to go to England too. The Ireland and Scotland. Well you know from my own chat post that I've always wanted to travel. I'd pretty much go anywhere I guess.
    Will keep you in my prayers!

  2. If a book doesn't grab me in the first couple of chapters, it gets set aside and probably doesn't get picked up again. If I have to force myself to read it, chances are I'll never finish it. :)

    I would love to go to England! Sometimes I wish I could go back in time and opt to do some sort of international study. I think it's awesome your daughter is doing that, and that you get to go visit! I think I'll plant a seed with Princess Nagger and encourage her to do something like that in the future... ;)

    Will definitely keep you in my prayers - non-surgical solution would be so much better! :)


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