Monday, September 21, 2015

Random Tuesday and Coffee Chat

I'm joining Stacy Uncorked for some randomness.

So... I have my 27th Fall Open House under my belt.  Yes, 27, and that's just every fall for every year I've taught.  We also sometimes have one in the spring.  It's so much more unnerving to stand up in front of parents than children.  Of the 125 I teach every day, at least 85 of their parents showed up, maybe more.  It was a good turnout.  And it's always exhausting!
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And speaking of school, I have a lot of teacher's kids this year.  Some of them are teachers in my school, but others are teachers at other schools, and one is my son's college professor's son.  I don't think she knows he's my son as his last name is different from mine, but I know. :-) Not only that, but I have the Deputy Superintendent's son in one of my classes.  The Deputy Superintendent is my boss's boss.  Imagine if he had come to open house!  He sent his wife instead.  Whew!

And speaking of open house, I am so sore and tired.  It was a 12 hour day.  I just had a massage yesterday, and I need another one.  I am really sore from this massage, and I thought I had drunk enough water, but now my shoulder hurts even worse than usual..  It's a combination of pain from the surgery and pain from the sprain I got in the car accident.  Healing seems to take longer the older you get.
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And speaking of getting older.  Tomorrow I am OFFICIALLY over the hill!  What hill?  Where?  But seriously, the big 5-0.  Out of all of my "milestone" birthdays, none of them has really bothered me in the least, until now.  I don't know why.  Maybe because it's half a century?  Well, I guess getting older is better than the alternative.

And it's also time for Coffee Chat with Ink Interrupted.

Back To School:  What Would you like to learn Now?

If I were going to go back to school for another degree, more training, or just to learn something new, there are a few things I would be interested in.

If we're talking "school,"  I would either take classes toward a Doctorate in Education or a Master's in Business Administration.  If I had to choose, I would probably choose to get a second Master's so I could market my skills in the "real" world
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I would also like to get training in becoming an event planner and/or professional organizer.  I have actually looked into this online.  The Professional Organizer Academy seems like a reputable place.  They have been in business 20 years.  Or I could become a Certified Special Events Planner.  Sounds like it's up my alley!

If I were just going to take some class in areas of interest, it would be fun to learn to play the piano.  I would also love to improve my photography skills by taking a class at the local community college.  Maybe one day, I will!


  1. My kids still haven't had their school Open House. At least, not that I know of! Hope you get to feeling better soon. Happy birthday to you! Hope it's a great one.

  2. Happy Birthday and I think being an event planner would be alot of fun! How cool to plan a party on someone else's dime!

  3. My kids had their Open House last week, and they did a new format this year; which I didn't really care for. It was held during school hours, instead of after, which means the teacher still had a class of children to be responsible for, and thus us parents didn't really get a chance to speak with them. However, we will still have a Parent/Teacher night at a future date, so maybe they wanted to make the Open House a little less busy. As it was during the school hours, there were not a lot of parents there.
    Happy Birthday!!! I've kinda breezed by all the milestone bdays too, but I feel ya about 50. There's just something about that number. But um, yeah - I still definitely want to actually reach it! LOL
    oh!!! Event Planner would be really cool!!

  4. The Open House (or Back To School Night) for Little Dude took place the week before school started while I was in Hawaii - so the hubby attended with Little Dude to get the lay of the land. ;) I finally got to meet his teacher face-to-face this morning when we had an I.E.P. and 504 meeting at the school to put some things in place for LD to have an awesome learning experience this year.

    Princess Nagger's BTS night was last night, but having an ear infection (still!) didn't make it conducive for me to go, and the hubby didn't want to deal with the parking (or lack thereof) so sadly neither of us attended. Princess Nagger wasn't upset, though, because she would have had to go to take us around to her classes and she was still 'recovering' from the 'trauma' of having braces put on yesterday. ;)

    27 years is an awesome accomplishment! Teachers really make a difference, and I'm glad you're one of the good ones. :) You totally deserve another massage after that long day! :)

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Hope you plan to celebrate all weekend long, because you totally deserve it. :)

    Ooooh! If you ever do decide to become a Professional Organizer, I'd totally hire you. I need professional help. >;o)~

    Bad Luck Black Sand, Fun at the Fair (sort of), and Educational Coffee Chat: RTT Rebel

  5. Congratulations on the years teaching and happy birthday, too!


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