Wednesday, September 02, 2015

A Thirteen Line Free Verse

Thirteen lines of free verse in memory of my "late" automobile.  Call it "An Ode to an Accident."

Running late to work,
Unlicensed, undocumented driver,
Plumbing truck,
Physical and emotional pain,
X-rays! Doctors!  MRI!
Neck sprain, bruises, swelling,
Two days off from work,
Unending visits to physical therapy,
Insurance irritations,
Ball of nerves when driving,
Car is no more,
But I am still here.


sandyland said...


Heather said...

The last line is the most important!

CountryDew said...

Oh my. I'm glad you're still with us (I am grateful to my physical therapist, she's kept me on my feet).


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