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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

ABC Wednesday

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This week's letter is K.

K is for  koalas!  They're technically not bears.  They're actually  marsupials related to kangaroos, and their main common factor with bears is that they are both warm-blooded mammals. Don't they look so cute and cuddly!  Noooo.  They actually have sharp teeth and claws.
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More Quick Facts:
Nicknamed Native Bear
Give birth to live young.
Babies are called cubs.
They are blind when they're born.
Babies nurse their mother's milk.
Mothers have a pouch.
Babies live in the mother's pouch for five months.
Their gray fur is very thick.
Their underbellies are white.
They live and sleep in Eucalyptus trees.

I wish we had them in the wild in the US!


  1. Wonderful creatures... although its far from save i think to want to pet them

    Thank you for participating in ABC-Wednesday, hope so see you again next week.

    Have a nice abc-week / day

    ♫ Mel☺dy ♫ (abc-e-team)


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