Thursday, September 03, 2015

Friday Confessions

I confess...

Cars have not been good to me!

Fifteen years ago, I had an accident, not my fault, that eventually led to the surgery I had two months ago.  Two weeks ago, I had an accident, technically my fault, but the other driver was unlicensed and was driving a company truck.  Then, driving my husband's truck to work yesterday, I was less than a mile from work, and it overheated.  It just stopped in the middle of the road.

I have to go car shopping this weekend, and it is not something I am looking forward to!  My husband and I disagree about what type of car we want to get, and it looks like we may need two new cars, if not now, soon.

I confess...

I have a new responsibility at work.  I've been waiting to hear from my boss about it since April or May.  I finally heard today that I was chosen, but I am not sure there is anything to be excited about since the previous person who held the job couldn't handle it.   Oh well, we'll see.

I confess...
I miss my sweet daughter since she decided to go to college a day's drive away, and her twin brother will be gone this weekend.  Maybe I can clean out some closets!  And maybe do something fun over this long weekend.

I confess...
This year has been so hectic  Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Hopefully the car shopping won't treat you too badly. It's even harder when you aren't sure what you're looking for.

    Maybe you need to Facetime/Skype your daughter? It's not the same as face-to-face but better than not seeing her at all.

    Hope you find time for something fun this weekend.

  2. I just want to give you a BIG hug! You are going to be great at the new job, the previous person's shortcomings are theirs not yours so I just know you will thrive in the position. Car shopping is always so daunting, but here's hoping that it comes easy!


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