Monday, May 25, 2015

Tuesday's Random Post & Coffee Chat

I'm lining up with Stacy Uncorked for a little bit of random.

I know I've mentioned how I hate bicycle riders in the street, the racers who think they need to use the same lane as the cars.  I looked in my rearview mirror yesterday, and there was a man just standing there behind my car!  It freaked me out.  Well, he was not just standing there; he was on a bike.  I couldn't see the bike in my mirror, just him.  It was so weird!

My Rockets have lost three to Golden State.  At least it hasn't been a sweet.  We will have a chance, although very small.  Golden State has just been phenomenal this year!  And Stephan Curry is just inhumanly talented.  Crazy talented!  I was hoping we would at least get to the second round this year, and we go to the conference finals, so I'm not complaining.

It's raining again, here.  A week or so ago, we had heavy downpours that were so bad, it delayed the start of school by two hours the next day.  I don't mind if that happens again!  But then again, my classroom flooded when that happened.  So, maybe not.

I've been sick this weekend, but I tried a new remedy that my step-daughter brought me.  It's made by Pharmaca.  I think it's called cold and sinus blaster.  and I think it works, or definitely helps some.  It tastes terrible!  It has so many different herbs and roots in it (garlic, horseradish root, peppermint oil, goldenseal, echineacea, and about a dozen others.  You just take a few drops (with some water or juice), and I felt the peppermint oil helping right away.  My throat is not as sore.  I think these herbal remedies could really help a lot of people if they knew about them.

Wish me luck tomorrow!  I'm presenting school awards.  Hope I don't cough or sneeze too loudly in the auditorium!

It's also time for Coffee Chat with Time out for Mom!
She asks...
Are you ready for summer? What's on your playlist? -

I AM ready for summer!  Trip to Las Vegas.  Scrapbook Retreat.  Then shoulder surgery.  Not too much fun on that one, but it's necessary.

Is my body ready for summer?  NO!  Hasn't been ready for summer since I was young.  I have been going to the gym some, but mostly just to keep me from getting any bigger.  This body won't be in a bikini!

As for my playlist?  It rarely changes.  Old favorites, mostly from the 60's, 70's, and early 80's.  I tend to like classic rock, but I also like some dance music and some country music, too.

Have a happy week!


  1. I love mostly the 60s-70s rock. Some 80s-90s, but I am pretty old school...or just old.

  2. Oh I won't be in a bikini either!! Even if my body should manage to get bikini ready? no no no -- I think over age 40 is probably the time when it's appropriate to cover up. LOL

    my go to music is normally classic rock too. that's what I was listening to while I browsed a magazine in the garden today.

    good luck tomorrow! no sneezies! :)

  3. YES! I'm right there with you on the bicyclists in the street with the cars - freaks me out when I see them in my rear view mirror, too! Luckily they have a plethora of bike lanes here in Washington State - though not everyone seems to use them when they decide they need to ride in the car lanes instead.

    We had beautiful weather leading up to the weekend, then rain, rain and more rain. Murphy's Law, since we were camping. It's the Pacific Northwest Way! :) We had a delay like that (and a school closure) when we were living in PA - because there was so much rain in incessant downpours that there was danger to vehicles (and kids) on the roadways. Princess Nagger thought it was cool to have a rain day off from school. Having a flooded classroom, though? Not so fun.

    My mom mixes up some herbal kind of concoction when she's caught or catching a cold - knocks it right out for the most part. There's something to be said about good old herbal remedies for sure!

    You and my hubby like the same music! :)

    Thanks for being a favorite regular randomizer! :)

    Camping Fun on a Pontoon with One More Drinkin’ Song for Summertime and RTT Rebel Coffee Chat.


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