Sunday, May 10, 2015


Another typical, busy day,
          imprisoned in illusions,
Get the kids to school on time,
          locked behind the bars of my brain,
Make appointments with the dentist,
          imagining gray walls closing in
Sweep and mop the floor and scrub the tubs,
          feeling damp and groggy,
Meet Alice at the deli for ham and Swiss on rye,
          I hear them-committing their crimes, reading my mind,
Swing by the library to get Rob's books,
          bombarded with needles in my brain.
Home by 2 to meet the plumber,
          They get to me,
Pick the kids up from school,
          They warn me,
Home again to cook dinner, but what?
          They betray me,
Help with homework and projects,
          staring at the defective shapes in my head,
Baths, bedtime stories, and prayers,
          They control my bloody thoughts!
Just another day.


The topic for Sunday Scribblings was "prison.
i'm curious to see who "gets it."  I welcome your comments.
I've been reminded lately of the difficulty there is in getting adequate mental care for people in our country, and it saddens me.  Jolene, this is for you!


  1. Routine is all very well in coping with a family but you can only cope with this by doing something quite different. (Not necessarily an affair!)
    However to set aside 'Me' time that will show you are living your life as well.

  2. I really like this! You do what you need to do and fight for those who need the help but if the help is not there you are left trapped, basically feeling like a prisoner with no rights. I get it entirely. Old Egg is correct, you do need 'Me" time but sometimes there is just not any time for 'Me'.

  3. This is my interpretation, thankfully not my actual life! Thanks for the great comments! It's good to know someone is reading.

  4. The subconscious and unsaid perhaps holds the greatest truths? Clever poem

  5. I'm feeling a little locked in myself!


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