Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Random Tuesday

Well, it only lasted a week.  That is, my email being down to none.  It's over 100.  How do I get so many emails?  I don't want them!  Maybe I can seriously catch up this summer.

I'm having shoulder surgery mid-June.  Pretty scared about that.  I know I will have lots of help the day of and the day after, but the recovery is going to be loooong.

I drove my mom to San Antonio and back this past Saturday for her 55th high school reunion.  Driving to her house, to S.A., back to her house, then home to my house equaled about 9-10 hours of driving time.  I'm glad I got to do that for her.  55th reunion!!!!

I've been trying to catch up with The Following, but it has gotten so weird.  Resurrection got a little weird, too.  My favorite new show this season was How to Get Away with Murder.  I still enjoy Castle and Once Upon a Time, too.  What TV shows do you like?

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For Coffee Chat, we are supposed to tell something we think is SUPER!

My kids are SUPER!  My daughter has some hush-hush plans for Mother's Day.  Exciting!

The Rockets are SUPER!  Maybe not super enough to beat the Clippers, at least not last night, they they are still SUPER!

Ben & Jerry's Peanut Butter Cup ice cream is SUPER!  It would be more super if it didn't cause me to gain weight, but it's still SUPER!

My kitty-cat Lacy is SUPER!  She's so sweet, and pretty, and fluffy.  She calms me.  That's SUPER!

Have you ever noticed when you say a word over and over, it starts to sound pretty funny?  Try it!


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  1. Say the word celery over and over. It eventually no loner sounds like a word. Weird! We are big The Following fans here. And I agree, one of my favorites this year was How to Get Away with Murder. Another great one was Secrets and Lies! My little girl and I will be getting caught up on the last two seasons of Once Upon a Time this summer. We are t.v.aholics in this house, or at least I am. Love anything crime related!!

  2. That was super fun!

  3. That was super fun!

  4. That was super fun!

  5. I feel ya about The Following.. it's just getting so twisted there for awhile too. It was almost hard to watch. But I will probably stick to the end of the season: I don't see how they could make another season after this one.

    But I would love some of that ice cream! sounds delish.
    For us, it is hockey playoffs right now, so of course I think it would be Super Super Super if the Montreal Canadians could win a game!! :)


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