Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Handmade Holiday

I know Christmas is over, but I had so much fun this holiday, making new things, crafting with my daughter, trying out ideas from Pinterest.  I want to share some of our creations.  Link up with Thursday Thirteen, or add your link at the bottom of this page.  To find out more about Thursday Thirteen, click here.

1.  I learned to make bows, so my daughter thought of a way to display it.

2.  And another bow on this wreath I made.

3.  Noel. I mod-podged some wooden blocks with dictionary pages then made letter signs for them.  I wanted to do this last year, but this year, I finally did.

4.  My daughter saw an idea to make coasters, so she did.  She put pictures of her sister's dog on them and gave them to her for Christmas.

5.  This was a fun wrapping idea we got from Pinterest.

6.  My friend Tamy sent me homemade tangerine/pineapple/applesauce.

7.  Another idea from Pinterest for our veggie tray.

8.  Cake balls have become our specialty for the last two years.

9.  A mesh wreath my daughter made.

10.  A little styrofoam cone I made into a little Christmas tree decoration.

11.  A mesh wreath I made.

12.  Ornaments, snowy, gold, and red.

13.  My other daughter made a homemade apple pie.  (sorry no picture)

Happy New Year!


  1. Happy New Year! Looks like you had a really fun time decorating. What lovely and delightful ideas. I especially liked the ribbon on the door.

  2. LOL One of my aims this year is to get back to checking blogs regularly and I'm starting with you so imagine my surprise when I'm also mentioned in your post LMBO

    I'm really happy you had so much fun with a handmade Christmas.

    Have a wonderful 2015 and may it be your best year yet my friend!

  3. You are very creative! I especially love the Christmas tree veggie plate.

  4. I love this post!!!! Such creativity!

  5. love it all I made live tree ornaments and ma now ready to plant from succulents


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