Thursday, October 30, 2014

Friday Confessions

It's Friday.  Time to link up with High-Heeled Love and confess!

I confess...
Halloween isn't my favorite holiday, and this has nothing to do with the martini party.  I don't like ghoulish and scary things.  I am not one who likes to be scared on purpose.  I only like the "fall" part of Halloween, but it doesn't even feel like fall here yet.

I confess...
I might have been a little rude to my friend.  She is getting married in less than 5 months.  She's spent thousands of dollars on her wedding... and this is her second marriage and his third.  What finally got to me is not the white dress, the fancy venue, the 150 guest wedding, the flowers, food, cake, and 4 bridesmaids... no.  What finally got to me is that they registered for gifts.  They are over 40 and have everything you could need and most of what you could want.  When she told me they registered for gifts, I was like, "Really?  Why?"  It just rubbed me the wrong way.  If she would spend a little less on her wedding - it's not the first time around - she could pay for two years of college for her daughter AND buy everything on her wedding registry!  Just doesn't make sense to me.  Each to his or her own, I guess.

I confess...
We are having Red Ribbon week at school right now, and I think it is a farce.  It's an excuse to have crazy sock day, crazy hat day, crazy hair day.  The students are "forced" to sign pledge cards so their names will go in a drawing for prizes.   I don't think it does one thing to increase awareness or prevent drug abuse, which is its actual purpose.  I wish they did a true drug-prevention program.  Red Ribbon week just gives the students an extra reason to act crazy, especially since it's the same week as Halloween.  Oh, well.  I can't change it.

Thanks for reading.  I really needed to vent!

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  1. It can be challenging with the upper grades for Red Ribbon week, which is sad because it is so important.

    I hope your up coming week is better for you.


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