Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday Confessions

Better late than never.  At least it's still Friday!

I confess...
My dad passed away ten years ago today.  I can say it's a little easier now, but you don't ever just "get over it."  There isn't a time limit on grief.  I think I am still in denial, and I'm okay with that.  My mom thinks I need to deal with it, but I'd rather just put up a wall.  It doesn't help that my step-sons twin boys' birthday is the 9th and my ex-husband's is the 10th.  I just want to hibernate during October, especially the first two weeks.

I confess...
The main thing I am looking forward to right now is my daughter coming home from college next weekend.  The take a one-day fall break, so she will get to come home Thursday afternoon.  It's a six hour drive (or longer, depending on who's driving), so I am flying her home, and she is riding back with friends.  I don't think my 18 year old is ready to make that drive alone, and the other girls she's riding back with are coming home at different times due to their class schedules.

I confess...
I'm not used to being busy on weekends, and she is going to keep me running!  First, she won't have her car here, so one of us will have to take her to see her friends or wherever she wants to go.  She and I have appointments to get our eyebrows waxed and our hair cut.  And she wants to do some shopping, and let me tell you, she can shop till she drops!  Thank goodness she's a bargain hunter!  Otherwise, I'd be even more broke than I am.  And of course, church on Sunday before she heads back.  I can't wait to see her!!!!

I confess...
I had to go to my step-son's house today to wish the boys happy birthday.  No problem with that, but his mom, my husband's ex, is living with them now, and that is awkward for me.  We get along fine, but it's just weird.  My ex has never been invited to our house.  That may change if we have our own grand-kids someday, but I doubt it.

I confess...
My favorite new show is "How to Get Away with Murder" and I think I'm going to watch it now!

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