Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Thursday Thirteen

Things that make me nervous…
1. My cat, but only when she brings in critters. Have you read about her exploits? Usually , she makes me calm and content.
2. Dealing with car people (sales, repair, etc.)
3. Going to the dentist.
4. Having money problems.
5. Considering colleges with my twins who are about to be seniors.
6. Getting a phone call from my mom who is not getting any younger.
7. Lay-offs at my husband’s place of employment. So far, not us, but the uncertainty gets to me.
8. Flying. Not extremely nervous, but more than I used to be.
9. Getting on a scale.
10. Forgetting my phone charger when I go somewhere for more than a few hours.
11. Big dogs.
12. Dying a sudden death (not dying itself) since my dad passed away suddenly, and his condition may be hereditary. Here one minute and gone the next. I’m scared I will have the same type of subarachnoid hemorrhage.
13. My newly licensed daughter driving solo.

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  1. I totally agree about the dentist - I'm overdue for an appointment - and big dogs make me wary too.

  2. Two seniors in high school and a newly minted driver would be enough to scare anybody! Yikes. Good luck with the college.

  3. Some of your fears we share. Oh, poor you to have two Seniors. (((HUGS)))

  4. I certainly can identify with this list

  5. I'm not playing but thought I'd stop by. I can really identify with a lot of these.. especially the dentist because I have an appointment today! Eek!

  6. I think all of these worries get worse as we get older and wiser and know the pitfalls and nuances of what "an" go wrong. Brings new meaning to when our mothers said "learn from my experience".


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