Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Thursday Thirteen

Who am I?  The Easy Version

1.  Child of God
2. Wife
3. Mother (and a pretty good one, I think)
4. Step-mother (not the evil kind)
5. Younger Daughter
6. Younger Sister
7. Aunt (the "cool" one)
8. Loyal Friend
9. 6th Grade Teacher
10. Retail Associate (loving my 2nd job)
11. Blogger
12. Scrapbook Addict
13. Avid Reader

And that's me!

Are you participating in Thursday Thirteen?


  1. I'm not the pretty mother. I'm the cool one. Or so my son's friends have said recently.

  2. how do you manage? teach and a job and a mom? blesssed amount of energy.

  3. Those all sound like wonderful things to me. *smile* Happy Thursday!

  4. Wow, you sure wear a number of hats. I was informed my daughter's friends think I'm a cool mom because I listen to pretty current music lol Great list!

  5. We all play many roles and wear many hats.

  6. This is a great idea for a TT! I might have to steal this sometime.


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