Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I Always Thought I Was a Square

Have you ever taken one of those "unofficial" personality tests?  You know the ones... the ones that identify you as a color or a shape?  I had the distinct "pleasure" (read with sarcasm) of attending a "delightful" professional development on Monday and Tuesday of this week.  The only thing that made it worth my time was the personality test, which took all of ten minutes!

I always thought I was a square!   A Square is a hard worker, organized, a little stubborn, loyal, sequential, detailed, conservative, orderly, and logical.

For the last day, I have thought of myself as a squiggle.  Squiggles are easily bored, have lots of ideas, are creative and independent,  and are always thinking of the next step.

I never thought of myself as a circle.  Although some of the traits fit, many do not.  Circles communicate well, can't say no, are empathetic, have a difficult time saying no, and are better at caring for others than themselves.  But I am not one who dislikes conflict or tries to make peace between others or one who is "too nice."  At least, I don't think so.

Come to find out... I think I am a triangle!  Triangles are focused on goals, driven, need to know WHY, take charge, are outspoken, love to debate, dislike meetings, can be impatient, and are likely to say, "What's your point?"  They also take charge and get things done.  They see the "big picture."  And they are usually confident.

All this time, for years now, I have thought I was a square.  But thanks to my totally-unrelated-in-any-way-to-personality-testing-College Board-workshop, I don't think so anymore.  Have you tried taking this "quiz?"

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