Monday, August 20, 2012

Tackle it Tuesday

I'm linking up today with 5 Minutes for Mom for Tackle it Tuesday... Making housework bloggable.

I have been meaning to straighten my laundry room for a while now.  It used to be so neat and organized!  (Please don't mind the different color washer and dryer.  That is my husband's doing.)  Now, on to the important part.  Here are some "before pictures."
My laundry room is so small, almost like a closet.  I organized all of the beach towels and extra towels on the left side as well as a plastic container with blankets and extra pillows.  The right side has a stack for top sheets (which my children refuse to use), full-size sheets, and twin sheets.  There is a rack below that for my dry cleaning towel, the dryer rack, and pillowcases.  There is a shelf above the washer for detergent and stain remover.  On the left, there is also a bar for hanging clothes that need to air dry.  I dusted the windowsill, cleaned the floor, and cleaned the appliances. And the baskets fit nicely on the dryer now.  I'm happy with it.
Link up with 5 Minutes for Mom and share your tackles!

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