Wednesday, July 11, 2012

We Want to Know Wednesday


Mamarazzi, is asking the questions this week...with a little help from 2 of our WWTK friends.  Link up with her if you want to play! (WWTK is also hosted by Crazymomma.

{one} What is your go to spice/seasoning when cooking?
Mine is freshly pressed garlic.  Real garlic makes everything taste better!

{two} What room in your house best represents your personality? (brownie points for a pic)
My craft room.  It also serves as our extra bedroom, but it's me.  It has a white comforter, and white curtains with pink flowers and scallopped edges.  The walls are done with things that are important to me such as a puzzle my mom did that has been glued together and framed, pictures of the kids, and handmade ceramic items made by my kids and me.  I also have some special scrapbooking cards on the walls.  And of course, my craft table and scrapbooking supplies.  It is definitely ME!

{three} On a scale of 1-5, 5 being VERY, how organized are you?
I would say 4.  Sometimes you can't tell because things do get messy occasionally, but I blame my family for that!  I function better when things are organized.

And two from YOU!!
Amanda wants to know:
{four}What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
Probably that I shouldn't offer my advice unless I am specifically asked for it.

Scriptor wants to know:
{five} Do you keep any little (harmless) secrets from your significant other?
Nah.  It's not worth it.  I am all about honesty and openness.  I wouldn't want him to keep things from me, either.  The only thing I might tell him is just when I am venting and he won't listen.  Then, I might talk to a family member.  I can't keep things inside, but he always has the opportunity to hear it!


  1. In New Bedford,MA we actually have a company that makes garlic in a jar. It's pressed garlic so you don't have go through the trouble of running it through the garlic press. It's awesome.

  2. I love garlic! You're right-- it makes everything taste better!

  3. Garlic helps in what ever form you add it, but the fresh is the best.
    Your extra room sounds awesome. One day I'll have a dedicated area for scrap booking again.

  4. That's hilarious advice! I should probably keep hold of that little bit of info :0)

  5. another garlic lover how cool and great advice

  6. a craft room sounds so super dreamy!!

    thanks for linking up!


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