Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Confessions

You're in for a real "treat" today because I'm going to confess about my freaky dreams today!  Come on and link up with Mamarazzi and share your confessions, too.

I confess...
I have the weirdest dreams.  And I often remember them, sometimes letting if affect my whole day, and sometimes, like today, wondering what is wrong with me!

I confess...
I dreamed about a treadmill last night (probably since I've used the treadmill a couple of times this week).  But it was no ordinary treadmill.  Yes, you walked on it this treadmill, and the belt moved beneath you, but this one also went up and down, like several feet up.  And if your treadmill isn't positioned correctly, you'll get slapped by tree branches as it goes up.  Then you'll have to get off and move the treadmill.
I confess...
I dreamed that there was a flood.  It's been raining a lot lately in real life.  My friends and I were getting things in order for a lady at church, who has lots of kids, whose high-rise apartment (no this isnt real) was going to flood.  Then it didn't flood, and she was missing!  When I woke up in the dream, realizing it wasn't flooded, I looked out the window, and there were dinosaurs swimming in the water below the building.

I confess...
I dreamed I saw some girls sitting on a park bench petting... snakes.  I hate snakes.  The snakes seemed to be enjoying it and were causing no danger to the girls.

I confess...
I dreamed I was travelling and had to keep going back home because I forgot things.  As I was travelling, on a bicycle (???), I stopped in people's homes to read.  One of the people really freaked me out, can't remember why now, so I decided I needed a guide to get to the airport so I could travel more quicly.  We got lost and stopped again to look at a map, and my guide went to sleep!

And I confess...
This is just a part of what I dreamed.  I bet you're feeling more normal now!

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  1. I have the strangest, most vivid dreams, too. I can still remember dreams I had years ago (like the one where Vince Gill and I were going on a date, and we went ice skating, and he brought his pet monkey). Last night, in fact, I had a horrible bad dream and it has haunted me all day. I hope you have SWEET dreams tonight, my friend!


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