Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Thursday Thirteen

I was ironing yesterday, and I began to think about all of the things that I used to do or enjoy before the Internet came along.

1.  Ironing - Some people hate it, but it's really mindless work, yet it's useful.  I would set up the ironing board in the living room and iron while I watched my shows.
2.  Watching TV Shows - Speaking of shows, I used to watch a lot more TV rather than playing games or blogging since the Internet wasn't around to suck all my time!
3.  Writing Letters - I used to find great joy in writing notes and letters to family and friends far away.
4.  Watching Movies - I could spend a weekend watching a marathon of movies before the Web came around.
5.  Cleaning - My house was usually spotless.  Not so now!
6.  Sleeping - I definitely got more sleep before the Internet.  Everything is available at the click of a mouse, and it can keep you so absorbed.
7.  Shopping by Catalog - Before the Internet, I used to enjoy shopping from catalogs like Newport News, Fingerhut, Figi, and even department stores.
8.  Going Outside - I spend most of my time indoors now, although I do go walking with my husband several times a week. 
9.  Swimming - During the summer, I would go up to the pool for hours at a time.
10.  Doing Yard Work - Before the Internet, I did all of my own yard work:  mowing, edging, weeding.
11.  Getting to Know my Neighbors - I still know many of my neighbors, but since I don't spend a lot of time outdoors, and neither do they, I really don't talk to them very much anymore.
12.  Grading and Planning - I used to grade papers at home and plan lessons all the time.  I think the computer has made me more efficient in some ways so I find myself bringing less and less home every year.
13.  Talking on the Phone - I don't do much of this anymore.  I text more than I call.  Before the Internet, though, the phone was a convenient means of communication.

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  1. The internet can certainly enslave you if you let it. I try to get outside for a walk a few times and week, and use the time I spend watching TV programs for crafting. I still enjoy writing letters to friends, too, or having a weekend movie/TV on DVD marathon, or even occasionally spending an entire weekend curled up with a book (did that this past weekend). Disconnecting for an entire day or weekend can be good for soul! My T13 post

  2. This is very interesting...Fortunately I am still not totally enslaves by the net...however, I do miss having more time to read books.

    I miss writing letter as everyone uses email now, and I rarely text my friends now because we all use twitter ;)

  3. The Internet has certainly brought a lot of changes to our world. I like physical catalogues. There's something very relaxing and fun about leafing through catalogues.

  4. The internet had made huge changes to our world! I keep thinking of things I could be doing if I wasn't on the internet too.

  5. Ha! I like to watch DVDs and TV when I iron too. It's cool to find a way to enjoy work.

  6. Thanks for the thought provoking topic. Happy T13!

  7. This is all too true! We are losing a lot tied to a screen. Maybe time to pull the plug?

  8. great thought provoking post and I'm all for snail mail still i love writing notes

  9. Shopping has gotten so much better thanks to the internet.

    Have a great TT!

  10. Ditto what you said!!! Happy TT.

  11. I love this list - it is sooooooo true!


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