Thursday, May 24, 2012

Aloha Friday

I'm playing along with An Island Life on Aloha Friday.  Friday is the day they take it easy in Hawaii, so I'll ask a simple question, nothing that requires a lengthy answer, and you can post your answer in comments.  If you'd like to visit other Aloha Friday participants, or participate yourself, write your post and link up here.

I don't have vanity plates on my car, although I know people who do.  One of my coworkers has MS MATH on her license plate.  For anywhere from $40 to $70 you can personalize your plate (if what you want is available and isn't vulgar), and you can even add logos for sports teams, organizations, and so on.

If I were going to get a vanity plate, it should probably be this one:

But it would also be fun to get this one, and it is available!

My question:  Do you have a vanity plate?  What does it say?
If you don't, what should yours say?


  1. I'm giggling over the first one, and I totally think you should get the second one. :)

    I actually did get vanity plates - it says "WINEFUN" since versions of 'uncorked' were already taken. ;)

    It's Not the Heat, It's the Humidity

  2. I love vanity plates but I don't have one! I actually saw a vehicle in the Walmart parking lot that was the same color and model as mine, but the license plate said LOSIN IT! I could totally have gotten into it!


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