Thursday, December 15, 2011

Friday Confessional

Today is Friday.  Time to confess!  Let's link up with Housewife Eclectic while Mamarazzi takes a break!

I Confess...
Yesterday,I ate a chocolate iced kruller for breakfast  AND a piece of turtle cheesecake for dessert at lunch.  I haven't had sweets like this but two or three times over the past three months in a quest to become healthier and lose some weight.  I felt a little guilty.  But they were both soooo good!

I Confess...
I addressed Christmas cards while my students were taking their nine weeks' tests.  Probably, this would be frowned upon by administrations, but it was the only time I could get it donw.

I Confess...
I just mailed my cards yesterday, and I sent fewer this year than usual.

And I Confess...
I have a slightly strange sense of humor.  For example, "What do you call a reindeer with no eyes?"
 "I have no idear!" 
And, What do you get when your cross a snowman and a vampire?"
"Frostbite!"  Hahahaha.  I teach sixth grade, so that's about the level of my own sense of humor.  I'm eaasily amused!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Over here from Housewife's hop! My 9Yo loved those jokes! Thanks for the laughter this morning!

  2. Love those jokes! They are about on the level I can remember. I'm awful about remembering jokes.

  3. Those jokes made me giggle. I guess we're both easily amused.

  4. Bad jokes, but I'm still going to tell them to my Mister tonight =)

    Have a fabulous weekend!

  5. I love that type of humor! LOL

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  6. My daughter just told me this one . . . What do you see in a clean nose? Fingerprints! ROFL!


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