Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thursday Thirteen

Braces for Adults… Have you ever considered it?

Obviously, they are for straightening teeth, but they can also be used to correct problems with your bite, which was my main reason for getting them.

Twenty-one months later, I’ve finally gotten them off!
These are just some observations I’ve made throughout my ordeal.

1. When your kids tell you their teeth hurt after getting them adjusted, believe them! It’s especially painful the first time or two, but even after that, the teeth can be sore for a few days.  Powdered donuts, cheese puffs (not curls), mashed potatoes, pudding, and macaroni are a few good food choices for “after-ortho” meals.
2.  Consultations are usually free.
3. Braces can cut the inside of your mouth, and it’s not fun.
4. Changing your bite, as in my case, can keep you from having to have even more costly dental work.
5. Braces are expensive. You knew that. There were three of us in them at the same time.  Now that they're off, it's like I got a raise!
6. The clear retainers they make these days are way better than the ones they had when I was young.
7. They make clear brackets, especially nice for adults, so all that you see is a thin, metal line. Even the bands that go around the brackets are clear.
8. You can chew gum while you wear braces.
9. You can’t chew gum with a retainer.
10. I ate popcorn twice while I had braces. The second time, I got a husk stuck (ouch!) and had to have the orthodontist get it out. I haven’t had popcorn since, and I’m looking forward to a large tub of it tonight at Harry Potter.
11. A Waterpik is indispensable when you have braces.
12. In order to floss your teeth while wearing braces, you have to use a “needle.” It looks exactly like a real needle except the eye is bigger, and it is made of plastic. You have to rethread the needle and pull it through for each area you want to floss. What a pain!
13. Getting them off is a great feeling!


  1. Is a waterpik a good substitute for flossing when you have braces?

    Happy T13,

    CFS Symptoms

  2. I was so relieved to get my braces off when I was a teenager that I don't know that I would ever consider them again. A retainer, maybe. Glad yours worked for you.

  3. I went through that with my kids. I never had braces though.

  4. Congrats on freedom! I'm getting the invisalign style braces in a couple weeks. Oi!

  5. I had braces for 8 years. i had horse teeth.

  6. How exciting,Congratulations!!! My sister wants to get them sooo bad. I hope she does one day because she hates her smile.

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