Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hill Country Holiday

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It's Spring Break week here, and my family and I just returned from a 3-day Texas hill country vacation. It was so wonderful to get away, even if it was only for a few days.

1. Stopped in Lockhart, Texas to eat at Black’s Barbecue, Texas’s oldest BBQ restaurant owned by the same family. It was also featured on the travel channel’s episode of barbecue paradise.

2. Learned a lot about Austin’s architecture and landmarks.

3. Took a short cruise on Ladybird Johnson Lake.

4. Watched almost one million Mexican Freetail bats leave the safety of their home under the Congress Avenue Bridge to feed (on insects). This is the largest urban colony of bats, and it's only ten blocks from our state's capitol building.

5. At at Buca de Beppo for the first time. Interesting...

6. Rode The Goliath at Fiesta Texas with my twins.

7. Took our annual Superhero cape photo.

8. Saw a great 50’s-style music and dance show.

9. Had our annual visit to the Magic Time Machine restaurant in San Antonio. Tinkerbell and the Joker took turns waiting on us.

10. Had a great nightcap the night before we came home (Kahlua and cream).

11. Enjoyed the hot tub.

12. Shopped at Rivercenter Mall in San Antonio.

13. Ate at the Hard Rock Café after a leisurely stroll along the Riverwalk.


  1. Looks like you had so much fun, lucky you!! Happy T13.

  2. The bat watching sounds fantastic. I can't imagine what that looked like.

    Great memories!

  3. Looks like a great time! I want bats! I wonder if you can order them on line. I have a bat house but still no bats! :(

  4. The hot tub is sounding good to me right now.

    Enjoy your Thursday!

  5. Love the cape photo; lol.

  6. Oh how fun! I hope you had/have a SUPER Spring Break!

  7. stop having so much fun. it is making me jealous.


  8. Sounds like an awesome get away. You totally had me at BBQ. mmmmmm.....

    Goliath looks freaky & fun all that the same time. I don't do upsidedown so I don't know if I could hadnle that. Your twins look excited in that picture.

    Annual Superhero cape photo... I am new to this... I think it is super cool though. What a fun idea!!!


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