Saturday, September 12, 2009

Remember Ike

One year ago, Hurricane Ike hit our coast and ravaged through Texas and farther north.
We were lucky.
Others were not. In fact, my friend Kris is still dealing with the aftermath of Ike.
We evacuated at the last minute and drove south, away from where the storm would make landfall, to Corpus Christi. We stayed there two days. We returned to find only minor roof damage and, of course, a missing fence.
But the surrounding areas, particularly Seabrook, Kemah, Bolivar, and Galveston, sustained life-changing damages. Schools, hospitals, homes, restaurants, retail establishments... so many people suffered and still do today. But our community pulled together to help those affected, and there are so many stories of hope like this one. And there are still stories that are sad, like this one.

You're invited to read this post that I wrote September 13, 2008. It includes a poem I wrote that is very dear to me.

Ike was not my first experience with a hurricane. These are the hurricanes (and one really awful tropical storm) to enter the Gulf Coast via Texas during my lifetime. Many others threatened us and produced storms, but these actually made landfall in Texas.

Beulah (1967)
Celia (1970)
Allen (1980)
Alicia (1983)
Brett (1999)
TS Allison (2001)
Rita (2005)
Ike (2008)

History of Hurricanes to Hit the Gulf Coast (very interesting info!)

Governor Perry on Remembering Hurricane Ike

Galveston Remembers Ike

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  1. Sometimes we have to look back to know how lucky we are today.

  2. it'll be a quiet night around here tonight compared to a year ago!
    I am blessed in so many ways, but still dealing with this is getting on my last nerve! I'll update my blog tomorrow. GOod post!

  3. I slept much sweeter last night than I did that night a year ago. And we were able to attend my son's birthday baseball game.

    I've only been around since TS Allison. I have horror stories of that, Rita, & Ike. I only hope it's many, many years from now before we witness a hurricane again. And we all continue to be blessed.

  4. I am glad you were alright, and now are. I have never experience any disaster in my life. I hope not, but I can imagine how hard would that be.

  5. I'm glad you're okay; so much upheaval must be beyond stressful.


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