Saturday, October 06, 2007

Are you ready for some football?

My boy, #50, playing defense, which he loves.

David, my son, number 50 for the Bay Area Texans, about to kick off the game

(left side of the screen).

I never realized I actually LIKE the game of football... until my son started playing. It doesn't hurt that they're actually a pretty good team. He played in 3rd grade, and his team won one game all season. He took a year off in 4th grade because we moved. Last year, 5th grade, they were our north division champions and lost a close game in the "Superbowl." This year, 6th grade, their record is 6 and 1. They'll definitely be in the playoffs, but there is one other team threatening to take the title of north division champs away.

I look forward to the Saturday games all week! I love sitting in the stands watching my son play. Last year, I was the cheer coach, so I missed a lot of the game, but this year, I get to see every play, and I can actually talk to my son about what happened in the game. I love when he asks me, "Mom, did you see (...)?" I can actually say, "Yes! I saw that!" I've learned so much about the game, too. You'd think I'd know all about it since I had to sit through every high school and college game when I was on dance team, but back then, who cared what happened on the field? I didn't, to say the least. I even like watching the pros play sometimes, although their games don't move with the same speed and intensity. Some of our games are real nail-biters. The boys are so equal in ability. It makes for a pretty awesome game!

So, this is how I spent my Saturday. How about you?

UPDATE - They are now 7 and 1 with the same team threatening their record. My boy recovered a fumble during the last game. He was so proud and excited! Me, too!

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