Friday, October 19, 2007

I'm Queen of the World!

I’m the queen of the world! I can’t help but think of Leonardo DiCapprio’s character in the Titanic. He felt so free, exhilarated, in control.

What would it be like to feel as though we were really in charge of our own destinies? To feel like the whole world was at our feet? Awesome! See the picture of my new home?

If I were being altruistic, my first act as queen would be delivering the world from hunger, prejudice, ignorance, violence, drugs, abuse, and other evils. Do I have to select one? I can’t! How can I decide if education is more or less valuable than income? How can I decide if addiction is more or less horrifying than neglect? How can I decide if food is more or less necessary than the love of a parent or friend? Well, obviously food is more necessary for existence, but is it enough to provide a quality of life worth living? Thank goodness I am NOT queen of the world!

As a selfish queen, my first act would be to quit my regular job. I’m free!!! After that, I think that I would like to sleep uninterrupted for at least eight hours. I would like to be surrounded by the people that I love doing the things we all love to do, except when I feel like being alone. Tee-hee! Maybe I would make a World Day of Scrapbooking. Oh! Something like that probably already exists. Perhaps I would make it a month. Heck! Let’s make it the national hobby. I would most definitely move into a castle with mysterious, daunting towers and an alligator-filled moat. While I’m queen, I would like to induct someone into knighthood. “I dub thee Sir Knight,” I would say as I touched each of his (or her?) shoulders with a sharp, shiny sword. I’d have to be careful not to cut an ear off! Perhaps, being selfish, I would have some plastic surgery and liposuction (ewww – I don’t know about that). Better yet, I could hire a nutritionist to plan my meals, a chef to prepare them, and a personal trainer who would help me discipline myself to look my best, without sweating too much, of course. Best of all, as queen, everyone would have to follow my rules or OFF WITH THEIR HEADS! Oh, to be queen. A girl can dream!
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  1. Those sound like noble goals. I didn't post what mine would be given such powers, because I question how anyone could enforce them without the use of force. Human nature often leads people down the wrong paths. Free will is both a wonderful thing, and our own worst enemy sometimes.

    To quit the day job and get a full 8hrs sleep! You just read my dreams!

  2. Atta girl. Go for it!

  3. You didn't throw in there your hand in obtaining world peace! I believe if YOU were queen, you'd make that happen. :-)

    Great post, D! :)

  4. Best of all, as queen, everyone would have to follow my rules or OFF WITH THEIR HEADS! <--- scary! hehehe

    Have a nice weekend and thanks for dropping by my blog! :)

  5. Hey there Ms. Queen.....can you please declare that I can quit my day job too? Thanks.

    great ideas here!

  6. Why don't we get eight hours sleep? That, to me, is a great puzzle. It's free, available and yet hardly anyone manages to do it. It must have something to do with jobs. Grin. Cute post!!

  7. Yes, sleep is always a priority for many of us. Cute post.

  8. Love the house!
    You sound more like Dame Edna then the queen, but you go girl.

  9. Hi. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting.

    I like the part about sleeping 8 hours uninterrupted. I very much need that today.


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