Wednesday, October 05, 2022

Fun Photos - Big Bend Plants

The desert climate of Big Bend National Park can be harsh, but there are plenty of interesting plants.

Agave Havardiana also known as a Century Plant


Pinion Pine (I adore this tree!  Look at the cute little cones!)

Agave Americana

Opuntia (Commonly called Prickly Pear, but also known as Barbary Fig)


Firecracker Plant

The tall plant (surrounded by other shrubs) is Yucca Whipplei sometimes known as Excaliber or Our Lord's Candle

Texas Ragwort

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  1. These photos are gorgeous! I hope to visit that region sometime. I think I've seen Prickly Pear and Firecracker Plant in Tennessee!

  2. I love pine trees- their scent especially, and it's great to know their varieties. I learned something today! Mine's here ~ Ms. Donyarific

  3. I've always wanted a prickly pear but I'm beginning to read things that indicate they are not wanted out of their natural range anymore. I don't know. But USDA says they can survive zone 3 (me). I love the photos of all of these plants. Many of them I have heard of. Some are brand new.

  4. Most deserts have fascinating flora, this one is no exception.


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