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Sunday Synopsis - City Dark by Roger A. Canaff


City DarkCity Dark by Roger A. Canaff
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This was a very frustrating crime/mystery novel! The book begins during a blackout when Lois is taking her two boys to New York City to visit their uncle. Lois abandons the boys during a blackout in the middle of the freeway and does not return. Through a lot of twists and turns, they make their way through the dark city to their destination and are raised by their uncle. I despised the segments of the boys finding their way through New York during the pitch black night. They were completely unreal and confusing.

Fast forward. Joe's brother Robbie, who was with him when Lois abandoned them, works as a custodian of sorts at a mental facility. Joe, the "successful" brother, is an alcoholic attorney who is accused of killing his mother and his ex-girlfriend. Since he gets blackout drunk most days, so he has no memory of where he was during the times the murders were committed and feels like it's possible he murdered them. His DNA is found at both scenes. On the other hand, he has some creepy sexual offenders who are angry at him for pursuing civil commitment against them and keeping them locked up after their parole.

The book alternates from 1977 and 2017, so you get the story in frustrating back-and-forth segments. It is also completely predictable like a soap opera. ***spoiler alert*** Think maniacal criminal who has access to computers and cell phones while in jail and persuades others to do his dirty work. A n'er do-well brother with an ax to grind. A secret twin brother who has been hidden away for almost 50 years.

I couldn't wait to be finished with this book!  Thank goodness it was a bargain buy!

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  1. It sounds quite unrealistic, i am glad you give nothing but honest reviews.


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