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Criss Cross (Alex Cross, #27)Criss Cross by James Patterson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I'm not much of a Patterson fan anymore, but I still enjoy the books in the Alex Cross series. I have read them all. This book was foreshadowed in the previous book when Alex received a note signed, "M."

Alex and fellow detective/long-time buddy John Sampson attend the execution of a man who claimed he was framed by Cross. Upon leaving the execution, they are called in to an investigation which is a copy-cat of the dead killer's crimes. Except, this time, "M" leaves notes for Alex. It's obviously a personal vendetta.

As they continue to investigate crimes, the killer continues to taunt Cross. Some of the crimes look like those of the murderer whose death he witness, and others look like the murders Kyle Craig committed, but he has long since been dead. Is it possible he didn't really die in the fire?

While Alex is hot on the trail of "M," Jannie has a set-back in her athletic hopes due to a case of mono. Ali has become obsessed with mountain biking. Then Ali is kidnapped by the crazed killer who has plans to kill both him and his father.

This book is the perfect wild ride full of intense suspense, action, and creativity. Cross is still the man we've come to know and love, even 26 books after he was created. Patterson drops both clues and red herrings that will have you guessing who the Mastermind is until the end.

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