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The Wanted (Elvis Cole, #17; Joe Pike, #6)The Wanted by Robert Crais
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Crais is one of my favorite authors ever! I love the Elvis Cole and Joe Pike characters. In my reading of this series, I accidentally read this one out of order. I had already read the book that follows it, but since you don't have to have much backstory nor does reading one out of order ruin any storyline. I'm just usually so OCD about reading them in order. I don't know how I missed this one!

Elvis Cole is hired by 17-year old Tyson's mother to figure out where he is getting enough money to buy some designer clothes he has started wearing, multiple computers and a Rolex watch. She thinks he is dealing drugs. Cole thinks he is stealing. Cole is able to track down the owner of the Rolex which gives him a lead into some high-end robberies that are taking place... 18 robberies, to be exact. Guess who? Tyson and two of his so-called friends, Alec and Amber.

There are two hired guns trying to find the thieves for their client, and they are not above murdering to get what they want. Leaving a trail of bodies in their wake, they seem to be a step ahead of Cole and Pike at every turn, that is, until Cole and Tyson, with his computer nerd former friend, discover why the thugs are so anxious to retrieve one of the stolen laptops.

Crais has crafted a complex storyline that propels you forward with intense suspense. You will be dropped right into the action from the first to the last page. With Cole's trademark wit, Pike's superhuman skills, and some clever new characters, what you get is an amazingly entertaining read.

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