Thursday, June 24, 2021

Thursday Thirteen

As a teacher of 11-13 year olds, I have heard my fair share of slang words.
 Here are 13 words I wish would just go away!

1. Bae (short for baby) 

2. Yaaasss! (Yes plus excitement) 

3. Wifey (married woman) 
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4. Lit (cool or high on drugs or alcohol)

5. Woke (culturally or politically aware)
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 6. GOAT (Greatest of all time) 

7. Extra (over the top) 

8. Keep it 100 (keeping it real)

 9. Savage (someone who doesn’t care) 

10. Bruh (means bro, often pronounced bra) 
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11. Squad (friend group) 

12. Cray-Cray (crazy) 
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13. Snatched (you look great)

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  1. Oh, they'll all go away, to be replaced with new ones in a few years! I remember my older brother saying "cherry" for anything that in my day was "groovy!" Now he's nearly 75 and says "groovy." I didn't know what GOAT meant!

  2. I still say "Cool" as that was big when I was young. I'm a little young for "groovy" - it was out of fashion by the time I hit my teens. I don't understand the "woke" thing - or why it is apparently bad.

  3. My generation said "cool" too. I know what you mean. Certain words can be irritating.


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