Thursday, January 28, 2021

Thursday Thirteen


Today I'm going to tell you about a few things that I like or enjoy.

1.  Coloring.  I love putting my spin on an artist's rendering, especially those that contain positive affirmations.

2.  Taking photos.  I would be interested in taking a class on photography from our local community college, but I have never done so.

3.  Writing.  I would love to write a novel some day.  I've started one, but it's daunting.  I have written short nonfiction pieces and poetry, but never published anything except for my blog.

4.  Scrapbooking.  This is my absolute favorite!  Take the photos, journal some information, and add decorative papers, flowers, tags, ribbon, washi tape, crystals, lace, and so on till I make a beautiful page.  I also enjoy making cards and other crafts.

This is a diaper cake I made one of our daughters for her baby shower.

5.  Sewing.  I learned to sew in 7th grade and took classes until 10th grade.  A couple of years ago, I started a part time job at Jo Ann and the sewing bug hit me again.  I've made baby towels and baby dresses, nightgowns, pajamas, pillows, headbands, and more.

I made this cute apron my one of our daughters.

6.  Eating chocolate ice cream.  I don't do this every day, thankfully, but I wish I could, especially if the chocolate also has peanut butter flavor.

7.  Decorating.  I helped one of our daughters do some decorating in her new home.  I'm definitely not an expert, but it's fun!

8. Making people laugh.  I'm not a comedienne, but I love silly songs and jokes.  My humor tends to be corny, probably due to teaching middle school for 31 years.  I once wrote a song for our 7th grade daughter (who is grown now) to remind her to get her lunch in the morning and to make her laugh.  It was set to the tune of The Brady Bunch, and of course, it began with, "Here's a story... of a girl named ____."  I don't remember if she remembered her lunch better after that, but I made her smile.

9.  Reading.  I even read on the stationary bike or the treadmill.  Here's what I'm currently reading:

10. Watching true crime shows.  There's Dateline, Snapped, Twisted Sisters, Web of Lies, 48 hours on ID, and more.

11. Learning to cook new dishes.  Since the pandemic began, I have really upped my game.  I've learned how to make chicken parmesan, Caesar chicken, roasted cauliflower, tons of different sauces such as hollandaise, and even 2 kinds of risotto.  But I don't necessarily want to do this every day.  Just when the mood strikes me.

Mushroom risotto

12. My family.  Of course I love them!  And I love spending time with them!  And now, we have an 11 month old grand-baby.  It's wonderful!

Here she is at 8 months.

13. My cat.  I just lover her.  She's so beautiful and soft and sweet!

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  1. Not everyone is meant to write a novel. Creativity comes in many forms and you are expressing it every day, it sounds like. Good on you.

  2. I love your creativity. All so full of joy!


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