Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Happy Random Tuesday

 I'm linking up with Sandee and Stacy  today.

I hope your week is off to a good start!  Mine started with taking mine for an oil change, and tomorrow, after I pick up groceries, it's going in the shop.  It's making this weird siren-like sound when I accelerate.  I've searched the internet for possible causes, but I'm going to let the experts take a look.  I hope it doesn't cost an arm and a leg!

When my dad used to watch.

I have been watching SWAT on Hulu lately.  It's been in my list for a long time, so I decided to try it.  I wasn't sure if I would like it, even though I like cop shows, because I thought there would be too much action.  But there's not.  I like it. 
The one I'm watching now.

The theme song takes me back to the 70's.  I'd hear it when my dad was watching TV.  I wasn't into it at that young age, but it only lasted from 1975-1976.  I'm watching the new one that started in 2017, but it's the same theme song!  Really brings back memories.  I miss my dad.

On this day in 1788, a British captain with a fleet of 11 ships sailed to Australia.  Captain Arthur Phillip was tasked with establishing a work camp for 700 British convicts. The 8 month journey resulted in 30 deaths. You can read more about it here if you are so inclined.  January 26 is recognized as Australia Day, so happy day to all of you out there from Australia.

And now...

The closest you'll get to politics on my blog if I can help it!

Childish, I know... but I laughed.

More childish humor.  Makes me giggle!

Isn't this the truth?

This doesn't happen in my house!

~Some kind of magic going on here~

Last, but not least,

Awwwww.  So cute!

Have a great week!


  1. The nails cracked us up! We don't do politics in life or on the blog either. Can't stand that circus. We watch SWAT, but Mom forgot about the old one. Thanks for the reminder, that was a good one in the day.

  2. I had to laugh about the fat cells having eternal life but absolutely 100% true! We're watching a series on Apple TV+ "Long Way Around" which I wasn't too sure how I'd like it since it was more a less a documentary about two British mates going around the world on motorcycles but it's turns out I really like it a lot. We just finished season one. There's only three in all. Maybe we can get through them before we early February which we need to decide to keep or cancel the service. Apple TV+ really doesn't have a lot of good programming that we like. Thanks for sharing the giggles. :)

  3. I've not seen that show, but I love that video and yes I remember that theme song.

    I don't do politics on my blog either.

    Love all the funnies. I snorted my water on "Riding into Battle."

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday. ♥

  4. Love the post! Great mix of nostalgia (SWAT) and laughing so hard that coffee came out my nose! Have a marvellously HAPPY DAY (I Know mine is already)!


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