Thursday, October 29, 2020

Thursday Thirteen

I completely let Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and almost Wednesday pass me by!  I've been so busy getting ready for the wedding and trying to do a few other things people have asked me to do.  I've been completely unaware what day it is. 

Ten days till the wedding and still so much to do!

1.  Figure out how to attach the backdrop to the wall.  Command strips?

2.  Make my daughter's rhinestone headband to match her belt.

3.  Sew some sequins on the veil she is borrowing from her sister.

4.  Make place cards for the seating chart.  The venue is requiring a seating chart, and they would like families to sit together so as not to spread covid.  We weren't going to have assigned seating, but now we don't have a choice.

5.  Make a flower arrangement for the seating chart/place card holder.

6.  Decorate the arch for the photobooth.

7.  Secure the (fake) rings to the ring bearer's pillow.

8.  Finish decorating the flower girl's basket.

9.  Get some roses and let them dry out so she can put those in her basket.  We aren't allowed to use fake petals because if they get in the water, they can damage the pumps on the fountains and waterfall.

10. Create envelopes with tips for the vendors.

11. Purchase the beer, wine, and sodas to take to the venue.  The caterer supplies water and iced tea. Our bartender will take care of serving beer, wine, and sodas.

12. Wash and pack everything up with a label if it's for the ballroom or the ceremony.

Finish the scrapbook I want to give my daughter the day before the wedding.  Maybe after that, I can relax.  Maybe!

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  1. A busy time. Most wedding here are much smaller than before because of the pandemic.

  2. I feel ya! My son was married in July; a small intimate affair with only 18 people. However, a large renewal of vows is planned next year on their anniversary and will be basically the big wedding with 100 guests. Good luck at getting everything done! Congrats!

  3. Sounds like a lot to do. Good luck!

  4. take time to feel each memory


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