Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Random Tuesday

 Time to link up with Stacy for some random nonsense.

Starting off seriously today... I want to talk about the term "broken home" which I completely dislike.  I understand its meaning, but I don't like the stigma that comes with this term.  Having worked in schools for over thirty years, I know that many teachers think kids who come from so-called broken homes are likely to be less "academic" than students from nuclear families.  Besides, who says that a single parent home is broken?  I've known lots of people who come from divorced households who are no more "broken" than other kids whose parents are in the same household.  How can a home where the parents are fighting constantly under the same roof be less broken than a single parent household that is full of laughter?

Getting off my soapbox now...

The countdown is on!  There are 18 days until the wedding.  I still can't believe my "little girl" is getting married.  We have everything, but not everything is ready.  I still need to design and set up how her "candy bar" is going to look, finish making the centerpieces for the reception and aisle décor for the ceremony, put together an arch, print table numbers, and finish the scrapbook I want to give her before the wedding.  That seems like a lot!  But I can do it!

Now this...

We kept our grand-dogs for four days last week. 
Wish I had thought to do this with one of them!

And last, but not least...

Have a great week!

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