Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Random Tuesday

 It's already Tuesday? Time to link up with Stacy!

 Big weekend for me!  The bridal shower was Saturday, and for me, it was an almost all day affair, partly because I had to go pick my mom up and take her home when it was over.  She lives about 45 minutes away.  Exhausting!  But it went off beautifully!  Lots of their friends and family members were there (masks, shields, and mostly outdoors).They got some great gifts, things they can really use.

She had her bachelorette that night, and he had his bachelor party.  I think they were pretty tame.  Games, food, (something involving underwear for her) and movies at the girl party.  Video games, food, and Long Island Ice Teas for him.  I'm glad all that is over!

Now, countdown to the wedding is 25 days!  There are still things to do!  Centerpieces, aisle decor, and seating arrangements.  Plus a little scrapbook I want to give her.  Due to Covid, the venue is requiring a seating chart.  I don't know for sure why.  I feel like we can trust people to sit with other people who are usually in their circle of contacts, so I don't see assigned seating as mandatory, especially when we don't know who is going to want to sit inside or outside.  It's taken FOREVER to get the rehearsal scheduled, but that finally happened this morning.

I'm going for my echocardiogram today.  Next week, I will go for all of my results.  Question... have any of you ever experienced vaso-vagal syncope?

I'll move straight to some funnies this week.

Have a great week!

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  1. Only fainted once, a couple of weeks ago, from dehydration, and i hope it doesn't happen again. My prayers are with you that they find out what is causing your sycope and can short circuit future events.

    It sounds like you had a wonderful party, and i hope all of your planning goes well.

    Thanks for the laughs!


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