Thursday, June 11, 2020

Thursday Thirteen

Here's a quick list today.  Thirteen words to use instead of "very."  There are dozens more, of course, but these are my top 13, partly because most suggest an oxymoron.

1. awfully - She is awfully pretty.
2.  clearly - You clearly don't see the problem.
3.  significantly - Your point is significantly unimportant.
4. completely - This project is completely unfinished.
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5.  extraordinarily - This project is extraordinarily bland.
6.  unusually - That reaction to this news is unusually common.
7.  infinitely - The chances of rain today are infinitely low.
8.  especially - That show was especially boring.

9.  fantastically - The performance was fantastically dreadful.
10. notably - The professor's speech was notably inconsequential.
11. seriously - Those jokes are seriously funny.
12.  exceedingly - This year's performance review was exceedingly mundane.
13. enormously - The crowd was enormously small.
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  1. we used to eat junk food while watching the Biggest Loser, another oxymoron. I like exceedingly mundane. LeeAnna

  2. Hi,
    great Thirteen....have a great day!

  3. I think the best way to deal with "very" is to simply drop it. Adverbs in and of themselves are expendable in most cases.

  4. The fact that so many of us can't manage the language is tragically humorous.


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