Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Random Tuesday

These weeks keep flying by!  Visit Stacy for some random fun!

Every day is much like the other days lately.  Luckily, life will get some shaking up in two days when my daughter comes for a visit.  She and her twin brother (who is already here) are celebrating their birthday.

In sewing news, I made some pajama pants.  It was good practice to help with my skills.  I'm also making another tote bag and trying to organize my craft room, which is a never-ending process. Whoops.  I forgot the picture.  Here it is!

I really have no other news, so I'll just get to these.

Click any photo to enlarge

That would be my poor dart skills!

This is going to be my son when he can finally interview for a job after this pandemic.

And last, but not least...
Have a great week!

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