Monday, September 09, 2019

Random Tuesday

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I'm still trying to decide when to retire.  My salary will be cut by 1/3 when I do, but I'm considering December.  Strongly.  I still have my retail job which will make up for some of it, but not all of it.  I will also not be paying rent for an apartment for my son when he finishes school in December.  That will help! I just don't know if it will be enough.  Teaching ELA in my district sucks all the fun and life out of teaching.  I'm way past burned out. 

I'm still liking my retail job although it does kind of suck when I have to work both jobs in the same day.  I guess I could look for a different job that pays a bit more, but I looked before I got this one.  All the "entry level" jobs require 3-5 years experience.  How's that entry level?  And you have to know specific programs that I am sure I could learn easily, but I'm not currently proficient in using because we don't use them in education.  I suppose I could also start tutoring.  What do tutors earn per hour in your area?  Any other tips or suggestions?

It's still just as hot here in Texas as it was in August, if not, hotter!  96 degrees two days ago.  93 today.  Fall supposedly begins September 22.  But not for Texas!  LOL

And now...

So true!


As an English teacher, this is my favorite cartoon today!
Have a good week!

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  1. I have no clue what tutoring pays but as soon as I read that you are thinking about retiring but afraid the cut in pay might be too much and I thought about online tutoring. I've seen ads for this sort of thing. You may wish to look into that as an option for supplementing your income. It'd be awesome if you could work from home or at least I think it would be awesome. The coffee grinds humor made me smile, so did the corrective lens meme. lol Thanks for sharing today. Have a laughtastic day!


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