Monday, September 23, 2019

Random Tuesday

I'm linking up with Stacy today.
Short post coming up!  I worked both jobs yesterday, and I'm exhausted!  AND it was my birthday!  My son and daughter came to see me for my birthday.  Well, my son is here on most weekends, but since my daughter moved away, I don't see her often.  It's been 3 months.  We had some girl time.  So fun!  My husband , mom, and the kids took me to lunch Saturday, and DH is taking me to dinner tomorrow and to Las Vegas on Saturday. So 54 doesn't feel too bad.  Well, not any worse than 53!  Ha!

I'll get right to this...

Have a great week!


  1. Wishing you many happy returns of your birthday!

    Those funnies are going to have me giggling a lot this morning, thank you.

  2. Happy (belated) Birthday! Sounds like you had marvelous plans! Woot! :) Your funnies were HILARIOUS!! Thanks for the laugh - i so needed that! :) Hope you're having a spectacular weekend!


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